• What should I wear?

    Anything your comfortable to dance in. Most pupils wear baggy clothing such as joggers and a t-shirt and trainers or pumps as appropriate footwear. We do have Rhythm Junkiez uniform but pupils are not expected to purchase this until they have been attending classes for at least 6 weeks.

  • How do I join a class?

    Simply choose a class that suits you and come along! It is advisable to call to check the class is running before hand in case we have had to cancel for any reason. You can see the full class timetables here.

  • What should I bring with me?

    In all classes we have a quick break in the middle of the lesson so it is a good idea to bring along a drink. We do not encourage fizzy sugary drinks so water or squash is the best option to keep hydrated.

  • How much do classes cost?

    Please see our Membership Options

  • How do I pay?

    Payment is taken on a monthly basis via PayPal Pro payments. Very similar to a Direct Debit it is 100% secure and hassle free.

  • Do I have to stay and watch if I am dropping off a pupil?

    No, however we do have waiting rooms at all our venues if you wish to stay and wait. Unfortunately due to rules and regulations set by our governing body the UKA parents are not allowed inside the dance studio itself while lessons are taking place, this can also be distracting, especially to the younger age groups.

  • Can I just watch?

    We do not encourage this as often it makes it harder for the pupil to then join in the following week however this is an option that can be discussed upon arrival to class.

  • How do I book a private lesson?

    Private lessons are run on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You will need to call us on 07817 399 801 to check availability and book a slot.

  • Does ability matter?

    All Rhythm Junkiez classes are aimed at mixed ability level. We aim to challenge our pupils and so we work hard in building on our core values such as confidence and enthusiasm.

  • Are class age groups set in stone?

    No, classes are split into age groups purely as ability guidelines. There room for change based on ability or siblings attending the same class but this is something you will need to speak to us about prior to joining or after participating in classes for at least 2 weeks.

  • Do you do a sibling rate?

    Yes, £1 is knocked off the total cost. For more than two siblings attending this figure increases.

  • Do you have discounts for students attending multiple classes?

    Yes, for pupils that attend more than 2 Rhythm Junkiez classes we offer a £1 discount on every class.

  • Are you open during the school holidays?

    No, but we do run summer workshops and activities which you can normally find information about in our news section.

  • Do you do dance exams?

    Yes, to date we have a 100% pass rate with 73% of pupils achieving Honours or higher. We take exams with IDTA and UKA.

  • Do you enter dance competitions?

    Yes, we compete both nationally and internationally and have over 300 titles and trophies to our name. We compete with United Dance Organisation and Street dance International.

  • Are there performance opportunities?

    Yes, as well as performing for many local companies and events such as Cadbury’s World and The Clothes Show, we put on two of our own shows per year to showcase what pupils have been learning throughout term.

  • Do all students have to participate in performances and events?

    No, all participation in opportunities given and events are solely at the choice of the pupil. We do not believe in pushing our pupils to do anything they don’t want to however do encourage these activities as a way to progress in confidence and performance skills.

  • What should I expect for my first class?

    When you arrive to class you will be greeted by one of our receptionists. If you are new you will be asked to fill out a quick registration form so it is advisable to get there a few minutes early. We do have a waiting area.

  • Are your teachers CRB checked, insured and qualified?

    Yes all teachers are:

    • CRB checked
    • Fully insured
    • First Aid Trained
    • Qualified to associate level with the UKA and/or IDTA
    • Registered members of UDO, SDI and ADFP
  • How many teacher are present during classes?

    There is always at least one senior teacher with 1 assistant teacher. For larger classes there mat be additional members of staff.

  • Do you cater for students with disabilities?

    Yes however it is important you make us aware of any disabilities prior to attending so that we can ensure the class is managed in a suitable fashion enabling pupils to benefit from a well structured, well organised, fun class.

  • I can’t find classes in the style I am looking for, do you offer any others?

    There are some styles we teach that aren’t listed in our timetable section. If there is a particular style of dance you are interested in please do get in touch and we will do our best to match you up with a suitable class or perhaps arrange a private lesson.